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About Oha Meal Box

Oha's Plant-based Meal Box

Oha is the easy alternative to other popular vegan meal boxes. When you do not have the strength to prepare the day's meals yourself, you do not have to have a bad conscience - with Oha's meal box, you have chosen both delicious, healthy and sustainable breakfast, lunch or dinner, and everything is prepared in advance, so you can be satisfied by just heating it or taking it out of the box…. isn't that easy '?


Anjelli and Niraj have developed Oha's vegan meal box based on Café Oha in Frederiksberg and Café Oha in Valby. They are passionate about tasty, organic and healthy food, which is also environmentally friendly. With Oha's meal box, they make their contribution to enabling you to achieve a healthier lifestyle with easy plant-based meals - without all the hassle.

Image by Brooke Lark

Ordering and Delivering in Copenhagen

Oha's vegan meal box can be ordered whether you are 1 person or an entire family for private purchase. The food is prepared at Frederiksberg in Copenhagen, and from here you also have the opportunity to pick up your own meal box. We deliver throughout Copenhagen between 11 - 18 Monday - Saturday and between kl. 11 -15 on Sundays. Read more here for businesses.

Ecology and Oha's Meal Box

We always choose organic to the extent we can. So far, we have prioritized not using the administrative resources to become island-labeled. We hope to become one when our small store has grown a little bigger.


The ambitions are great - we want to help the world - one meal at a time. Our goal is to start by reaching 1,000 plant-based meal boxes a week. Order yours here for private and here for business.

Image by Ella Olsson
Image by Jo Sonn

Sustainable right to the Heart

Our owner, Anjelli, is originally from the Philippines and has studied at Roskilde University and CBS. She is an entrepreneur right down to the heart. Anjelli has been growing vegetables on her own since she was a child, which she has sold at the local market, despite the fact that her father was skeptical and wanted a different career for her daughter. 


Anjelli was inspired by her grandmother's love of vegetable growing, and Anjelli's passion for vegetables and cooking continues to be the driving force in her daily work, as the owner of Cafe Oha and Cafe on the six. She is passionate about creating a business that not only does something good for herself, but for the world.

Oha means Family

Oha comes from the Hawaiian word “Ohana” which means family. Cafe Oha in Frederiksberg and Cafe on the Sixth in Valby have always supported the local community a lot and for the employees, Oha is just like their family. 

Our name OHA, is an initial abbreviation, where O stands for “Ecology” our choice of organic ingredients, H stands for “Homemade”, as our food is made from scratch and finally A stands for “Alternative”, as our food is the healthy alternative to easy, healthy and delicious meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The Oha Way

We have created our own Oha feeling, the feeling of Oha is the epitome of joy that comes from the Hawaiian term “AL-OHA”, combined with a shot of the plant called Taro and the basic element that comes from the word “OHANA” which means family. 


The Oha way or The Oha way - is a vision of wanting to make the plant a better place, with a healthy and environmentally friendly diet, together with the people who live in our community. That's why we strive to produce sustainable, vegan soul food, so we make it easy for everyone to change the world, one bite at a time.

Image by Nadine Primeau
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