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Burger of choice:

  • Oha Burger
  • Power Burger
  • Mexican Burger


*you can choose the patty of your burger between: Bean Patty, Salmon, Patty, Pulled Jackfruit and Crispy Fish.



  Booking available on Fridays until kl. 16:00.  

Burger Summer Flex Box

  • We deliver food every Monday to your doorstep. The food you plan to eat on Monday comes warm, while the rest arrives in sustainable re-heatable packaging for you to enjoy it on any other day of the week!

    Your food just need 1/2 minutes in the microwave to be ready to eat.  No cooking needed with Oha Meal Box!

  • Burgers


    Oha Burger: Burger Bun, Homemade aioli (v), Salad, Pickled Onions, Tomato, Barbecue Sauce, Vegan Cheese, Champignons, Patty of Choice.


    Power Burger: Burger Bun, Aioli dressing (v), Green Salad, Tomato, Pickled Onion, Cucumber, Vegan Cheese, Caramelised Onion, Patty of Choice.


    Mexican Burger: Avocado, Jalapenos, Tomato, Pickled Onion, Cucumber, Salad, Aioli dressing (v), Burger Bun, Patty of Choice.

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